The Key Differences between Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Here is an overview of SI and SEI to get you started.

Sage Intelligence (SI) – Provides the convenience of a familiar, Excel-based interface to quickly slice and dice financial data, analyze risks, adjust forecasts and deliver up-to-the-minute reports using the templates provided. A cost effective option to manipulate real- time ERP data, it can also extract data from other ERP modules and databases and offers an OLAP option for advanced analytics on all business operations.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) – Provides self-service BI capabilities, in a proprietary Web interface. It can be used out of the box in all areas of business, for sales analysis, inventory control and analysis, quality control (purchasing, production, and customer service), productivity analysis and budget management and control. It provides graphical analytics and a variety of options to share views in Web portals or mobile devices.

What’s the difference between Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence?

Features and functions SEI SI Comments
ERP integration Yes Yes
Multidata source Yes Yes
Real-time data/online analysis Yes Yes
Excel integration Yes Yes Default supported with SI – while SEI requires additional licensing
Analytical functionality
Slice and dice Yes Yes Pivot table and filters – Excel functionality
Drill down/drill up through transactional data Yes Yes With Report Viewer access – if the report is shared as a disconnected Excel sheet(offline) then this is not possible
Filtering and grouping Yes Yes
Sorting and ranking Yes Partially Sorting Yes Ranking No – ascending or descending sort will give you the results along with a filter defining the ceiling or floor levels
Queries and formulas Yes Yes
Geospatial analysis Yes No
Exceptions and alerts Yes Partially We use the Distribution engine – generates a report to a mail address(es)- does not work for system events, does not work realtime
Dashboarding and KPIs Yes Yes
Financial reporting and consolidation Yes Yes
Budgeting Yes Partially Viewing budget is possible but not entering
Big data, OLAP processing Yes Yes With OLAP connector license
Cross Modular reports Yes No Combining Balance Sheet and P&L elements – eg. If one report has to have stock on hand (Inventory tables) and profitability (sales order tables) – this is not possible with SI – We will create two reports
Intuitive web user interface Yes No Access from a windows machine as Report Viewer needs to be installed for online access. Offline can be accessed in any device where Excel reports can be read
User self-service design of new report and graphics Yes Yes With Report Manager license – one license included
Dynamic data visualization (charts, gauges, maps) Yes No Supported by Excel – graphs are not dynamic in SI
Templates provided Yes Yes
Search engine Yes No Search for data across reports is not possible in SI
Automatic distribution of reports and analysis Yes Yes
HTML, Excel, PDF export Yes Partially Excel and PDF yes, HTML No
Operates on mobile devices Yes No Access from a windows machine as Report Viewer needs to be installed for online access. Offline can be accessed in any device where Excel reports can be read
Offline Access Yes Yes
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