Finance Applications

The powerful financial tools of Sage 300 ERPhelp you confidently manage your company’s complex Financesand remain compliant with government regulations such as GAAP or IFRS.
Featuresinclude full multicurrency capability, powerful bank reconciliationand tax reporting, flexible transaction processing options, powerful management of fiscal periods and informative dashboards for analytical reporting. Sage 300 ERP Core Accounting moduleshelp businesses succeed by accurately presenting valuable financial information in a clear, understandable format.
General Ledger
Track and analyse your financial datato optimise your productivity using tools and accounting structures that are tailored to your business needs. Flexibility includes user-defi ned chart of accounts structure, account types, journals, controls for processing and balancing options, batch control totals, earnings controlsand much more.You can even control the amount of detail the system maintains. What’s more, month-end and year-end procedures are a snap. Since Sage 300 ERP automatically updates all balances and history every time you post, all you need to do is make the adjusting entries. Plus, you’ll be able to perform fast data queries and then drill down to the source for more details. 

With its built-in fi nancial report writer, you can maintain a variety of sophisticated reports so decisions are always based on insight gained from indepth analysis.

Accounts Payable
Easily manage your cash flow, track and predict purchases, and analyse expenditures and product purchases, while maintaining good vendor relationships. Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payableprovides quick access to the type of comprehensive data that allows you to analyse the past monitor the present, and plan for the future – helping you make the right decisions today to gain a competitive edge.Accounts Payable offersseveral options to save time and reduce administrative costs by automating vendor-related tasks and simplifying voucher entry. It also accommodates multiple vendor addresses, multiyear history retention, automatic payment selection, cheque printingand more. 

Accounts Receivable
Effectively manage your cash flow, track and predict customer buying patterns, analyse sales and provide a superior level of customer service. Sage 300 ERP allows you to gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processesand leverage automatic calculations that avoid errors and eliminate duplicate data entry.Consolidate customer receivables, statements, reporting and credit checking across national accounts. Accounts Receivable offers prompt access to the type of comprehensive data you need to analyse the past, monitor the present and plan for the future – giving you valuable insights to make the right decisions. 

System Manager with Bank
To make effective decisions in today’s fast-moving businessclimate, you need accurate, up-to-date information on your company’s cash position, as well as reliable projections of future cash balances.The System Manager module in Sage 300 ERPcomes equipped with comprehensive Bank Reconciliation functionality, which enables you to quickly and accurately reconcile all of your bank accounts, as well as perform bank transactions with pinpoint accuracy. Bank Reconciliation is built into the System Manager, providing seamless connectivity to all sub modules to help you better track your cash position, so you can make insightful and timely decisions for your business. 

Reconciliation for Cash Management
Multicurrency Management
Fixed Assets Management
A powerful and complete Asset Management solution, which can be used to process all the asset accounting transactions including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge and split, as well as facilitate the asset maintenance and lease management.
Purchasing Workflow
Purchasing Workflow, Powered by PTS providesa sophisticated workflow engine with configurable rules, routing and approval functions. An easy-to-use requisition interface creates documents that are controlled through the workflow process. It enables organisations to tightly control and manage their procurement system.
Cash Works Post Dated Cheque Mgmt
CashWorks is an SDK applicationwhich replaces A/R Receipt and A/P Payment transactions in Sage 300 ERPto provide additional functionality. There is provision for handling receipts and payments even if Sage 300 ERP A/R and A/P modules are not installed, in which case CashWorks posts receipts/payments information directly to G/L.Specially designed aging, transaction and cash flow reportsgive you the option of including or excluding future dated entries for flexible cash analysis. What’s more, CashWorks provides full control over the lifetime of cash transactions in the intuitive environment of Comprehensive Cash Management Console (CCMC). CashWorks allows you processing transactions from receipt or payment of checks to clearing through bank reconciliation; updating you with statuses such as returned to customer or from vendor, deposited to the bank or still with you, cleared by the bank or bounced, etc. 

The attachment of electronic documents, images and files to cash transactions comes as a standard feature. CashWorks 2012F also offers Customer Aged Trial Balance, Vendor Aged Trial Balance, Customer Transactions, and Vendor Transactions reports, as well as receipt and payment

Gulf Utilities for Payroll
With Gulf Utilities for Payroll, SYSTRONICS offers Sage 300 ERPusers in Gulf Cooperative Countries a comprehensive, fl exible and fully integrated HR solution, which meets the basic needs and the legal requirements of a large number of companies.Gulf Utilities for Payroll looks and feels like Sage 300 ERP, making its integration with core Sage 300 ERP financial and operational modules easy. The application has a modular design to offer the user a number of options to choose from and adapt to their needs. Modules shippingin the current version.