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Sales management module helps in checking all the details related to sales order. Aids quick decision making and forecasting and keeps track of all forthcoming profitability’s in organization. It accelerates effective decision by reducing the cycle time for sales management processes.

Sage X3 provides quick and easy access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts, and carriers. The sales capabilities within Sage X3 provides a quick look at information concerning products, price lists, discounts, carriers and shipment status. Also can issue customer quotations, book orders and transmit order acknowledgements, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing.

Enquiry to Quote

Sage X3 Sales modules  allows you to access the latest data about business partners and products. Sold-to, ship-to, bill-to, and pay-by information is standard on sales documents while customer product-level information can be accessed to assure a personalized, customer-driven order entry environment. Supporting information such as product substitutes and supersessions, notes, previous orders and prices, and special customer packaging can either be displayed automatically or by user request.

Sage X3 also supports sales kits with fixed components or as special configurations using variants and options. There is also a built in product configurator that allows you to do constraint management and create cost estimates before quote creation. Shipping functions use customer-specific information to schedule deliveries on the right day and to enforce complete shipments of orders or line items as required.

Sage X3 has a flexible pricing module. By combining key elements from customer and product master

data, companies can exploit a wide variety of pricing methods like contracts, promotions, sales channel prices, and variable kit pricing. Special features include the ability to price by groups of lines and to add free products or quantities if predefined thresholds are met. Discounts and charges can be automatically factored into net price or broken out and tracked separately.

Sage X3 provides Real-time margin calculation with Validation and signature process with required approval processes. Also gives control of minimum margin, floor price ,minimum value or quantity to user. Querying and justification of prices can be applied at the stage of quotation. Sage X3 also provides validity date monitoring option to set reminders and record open quote reports .

Quote to Order

Quotes can easily be turned into orders, contracts can be defined, and releases scheduled for fixed and long-term planning horizons. User-defined order types assure that only data supporting the appropriate order mode is prompted, allowing companies to vary order acceptance easily to phone, order form, counter sales, and electronic environments.

Other productivity enhancing features include the ability to duplicate previous orders easily and to revise existing orders by populating changes in order date, carrier, or location across multiple line items.

Additionally, secure credit card processing is provided through a seamless connected service utilizing Sage Solution.

Sage X3 helps you seamlessly manage the sales process from beginning to end, starting with management of requests for quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies, and integration into the price list base.

offers functionality to create the direct purchase receipt by just setting a parameter. This parameter indicates whether a user is authorized to create a direct receipt (not attached to a purchase order, a shipment request or an inter-company shipment). Sage X3 for configure to order allows you to streamline the difficult process of quoting, costing and producing highly configurable end products. Sage X3 supports Retail , loan and contract orders or generate sales order from quotes. In Sage X3 order entry and execution of sales order can occur automatically with validation and signature process for approvals and define rules to processes sales orders. There is document counter available for each type of sales orders where documents related to specific sales order can be uploaded.

Order to Allocation

Inventory can be allocated to orders immediately or deferred to a separate process that allocates based on user-defined criteria. Sage X3 also supports the ability to reserve inventory for key customers in advance of receiving their orders and to allocate by lot number as required. Ship-to addresses, shipping sites, carriers, and delivery dates can be set by order line, eliminating the need to create separate orders.

Sage X3 calculates the shipping dates needed to meet each customer’s delivery date and automatically backorders quantities that are not available at the needed time. Users have easy access to time-phased, Available-To-Promise information, as well as online visibility into different warehouses to help determine the most appropriate shipping point for filling orders. Alternatively, orders can be sourced by shipping directly from suppliers, by transferring products from other sites or by creating production orders. Sage ERP X3 provides the ability to create purchase orders (POs) to preferred suppliers automatically for pre-specified products, such as non-stocks.

Shipment Preparation provides a flexible process for managing warehouse and customer order deliveries. Orders can be processed individually or grouped. These options allow customers to tailor the process to maximize their return on warehouse personnel and equipment.

Mobile Web App for Sales

Sage X3 is designed to be accessed by web browser, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers alike. Responsive design makes it possible to design online pages suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop pages. Mobile Web Applications have been created for increased usability on devices with smaller screen sizes like smartphones – iPhone and Android devices.

It display’s a list of key customer information such as; Customer notes, Contacts and addresses, Credit limit, Orders with advance payments not received on time, Orders exceeding the credit limit of the customer, Blocked orders and Active quotes and quotes to remind. User can book pending and late orders, block or unblock a customer and documents, check return with or without credit memo expected status of Invoices validated or non-validated and allocated and unallocated payments.


  • Improve sales efficiency by reducing communication errors and eliminate the need to go to the office
  • Provide front-line users with mobile information to make smarter decisions
  • Extend and expand usage of the business management system in the organization
  • Provide timely information, to enable critical decision making for your employees
  • Be able to do business anywhere, anytime


Sage X3 helps you to keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory statuses.

Key capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management

  • Product configurator, options, and variants
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Sales commissions
  • Quotes, contracts, and open orders
  • Multi-level credit checking and order entry
  • Order preparation, delivery, packing, and shipping
  • Customer returns
  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Inventory inquiries and allocations
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