Implementation Approach

The ABCD of our Implementation approach


Business requirements are consolidated keeping a future growth /expansion path in mind. Change requests are considered carefully and collectively before being executed. Associated risks, implications on a project timeline, impact on the upgrade path and costs are evaluated and communicated as part of the recommendation. Triad works transparently in identifying the best possible solution for a customer’s needs ensuring a meaningful alignment of customer’s vision with the project deliverables.

Business understanding

Triad’s reputation has been built by its consultants who are the brand ambassadors bringing to the table rich consulting experience and customer facing skills. The Lead Consultants are all Sage certified with 6 to 12 years of relevant experience and understanding of domains like Trading, Distribution & Logistics, Manufacturing, Projects, Retail and IT Services.

Consultative Approach

Business applications are meant to solve business problems. In line with this vision Triad consultants recommend a suitable  Chart of accounts for the ERP or Analytic Dimensions to facilitate accurate MIS reports. We reconsider inventory segments and codification to support efficient tracking and reporting and if required give our independent recommendations, we suggest controls in processes surrounding the ERP to facilitate accurate data collection.


Documentation is a key element of the project communication plan. Clear comprehensive documentation can significantly de-risk a project. As part of the project implementation Triad provides

  • MS Project Plan with deliverables and milestones that can be tracked
  • Training power-points for ongoing training
  • System Specification manual for your technical IT team