Product Support

Sage offers comprehensive product support commonly known as Sage Software Assurance.

This is an Annual support paid to Sage that gives the customer access to upgrades and patches and many other interesting benefits It does not include support for any usage / data related issues or onsite support to help you implement the enhancements that come with the upgraded software.

This is where Triad can provide you with support.

Triad Support

Triad can provide you with support on a need-basis (on call support) or in a contracted manner where you could purchase support hours and resources are dedicated to give you support in an agile manner.

One of the biggest and relevant concerns when customers evaluate a suitable partner for erp implementations is support. Quality of support, timeliness and local presence are all important considerations while evaluating an implementation partner. This is of course a universal requirement regardless of which ERP – Sage, Oracle, SAP or Dynamics – that the customer is evaluating.

Apart from the universal “minimise downtime” consideration we have discovered that an ongoing support engagement actually increases user adoption, reduces cost with proactive intervention and helps in exploring the automation of connected processes that feed into the ERP.

We have significant experience in addressing support to our customers and customers who choose to change partners.

Tango with Triad – Dancing together as your support partner!

  1. Transparent Support Ticket System

Our SLA and Support Ticket mechanism makes the process of reaching out to us easy for you. Write to and our support mechanism drives into action.

  1. Anytime anywhere support – onsite, offsite, offshore

No two customers are the same. Flexibility is key.

We want to give you multiple options. So we have setup our presence in India. We can now support you at your location (onsite), from our location in Dubai (offsite) or from India (offshore). We cover working hours in the Middle Eastern / African Time Zone. And we can offer creative options for 24×7 support.

  1. Process Driven escalation – monthly reports

We use tools like Sage CRM for our ticket management.

So you do not spend time reaching out to consultants. Or wait for them to revert and discover they are on annual leave. Or reach out to one consultant to discover that for this particular area of support you are getting redirected to a fellow colleague.

Range Matters – Bouquet or a Single stemmed rose – what do you prefer  !

  1. Bouquet of Support for fixed fee

Typically there are different flavors of support

  • Core functional Eg: Month end posting – incorrect entries leading to reconciliations
  • Core technical Eg: Mis-behavior of a web page, technical errors in custom scripts
  • Data support Eg: Uploading pricelists, BOMs
  • Housekeeping Eg: User security profile creation, housekeeping

We do not want you to invest in multiple resources. Based on the ticket you raise we will direct it to the correct person. So you get a bouquet of consultants available for a fixed fee!! Low cost of ownership, Better User adoption and Low TCO.

  1. Product Range – Sage X3, Sage CRM, Sage SEI, Datalinx, Sage 300 ERP, 300 People

We have the competency to handle support in Sage X3, Datalinx, Sage 300 ERP, 300 People and third party products like Sage Enterprise Intelligence and Datalinx WMS. We are a Sage partner with the most comprehensive skills based out of UAE for the longest period of time.

  1. Depth of support

When a support ticket reaches us the support consultant has a bouquet of senior consultants available on demand – A domain consultant who is a CA and with rich 35 years of experience in the Middle-East as a CXO, Certified product consultants who have multiple implementations under the belt and can smell a problem before it occurs, administrative support for getting patches, downloads, fixes from Sage. There are many moving parts and as a mature partner we have evolved processes to keep them moving.


We believe that businesses are built when customers perceive genuine value. This is intrinsic to our DNA.

This means we need to help you reduce your support tickets and make you self reliant where possible. This sounds counter intuitive to the revenue driven thinking from a business perspective. But we believe it deepens customer ownership and usage of the system.

  1. Help Build Internal champions

Healthy support like good parenting allows the flexibility for customers to discover and build their internal competencies even as they have a helpline that leads them to a competent partner. We encourage customer to identify these champions who can be trained on sage University and groomed to be the first point of support.

  1. Introspect and prevent support queries

Sometimes we receive support requests that require corrective action to the setups.

Eg: Lack of analytical dimensions leading to “custom” report requests which are really a requirement to reconfigure the system.

Or there is a sudden jump in support tickets on simple usage from one set of users leading to a training need identification for these users – typically happens with new employees.

These screams for help need introspection and an ethical practice of doing what is right – which is spotting and advising corrective steps that need to be taken in order to reduce the number of support tickets  and the potential billing from such support request.


  1. Partner change audit services

When a customer is trying to change partners there is the need to take stock and assess what needs to be done and classifying it on a scale of Urgency and Importance. Urgent and important areas are addressed first after assessing dependencies and commercial implications.

With Triad’s Audit Pack we can give you a precise set of deliverables and a TOC that will allow you to move step by step towards your goals. We call this a TAP – The Triad Audit Pack. We come up with a set of recommendations after we finish our Review. We mutually agree on what we need to Fix and in what order. We then identify areas to Enhance the setup and usage.

  1. Fix the problem and not the symptoms

We fix the underlying issues and not the symptoms before getting into a running mode of ongoing support. We review the system setups, error logs, functional setups and advise you on the implications if any. Issues can now be grouped into Critical and Urgent vs Nice to have and reviewed in context of our initial assessment. This ensures your system is strong and robust from a technical and functional perspective.

  1. Review by Sage Technical resources

We can bring in the best resources from Sage where required for specific Audit recommendations as well.

Data, Data and more Data

What gets measured gets better! This applies to losing weight or improving product usage. The principles are the same

  1. Measure, introspect , improve

Our SLA and Support Ticket mechanism gives total transparency on who asked for support and when did the support ticket close.

  1. Monthly statement of account

Every month customers get a monthly statement of account – so there is total transparency and more importantly we can do a Root Cause Analysis to identify Training needs.

  1. Proactive – prevent issues not just support

We can proactively identify solutions to address areas which you may believe have to be done semi manually because we as a partner have the strength to assess and recommend these options.

Because unless you use the system we will not flourish as a Service Partner – Sweet and Simple. So we have created a Service oriented framework that is Fast and Functional!!

In other words, support is a critical element of successful ERP adoption. It provides expert recommendations, ensure user adoption, minimizes downtime, provides ongoing handholding, and leads to cost optimisation.

Organizations should consider the profile of support and capability of their ERP vendor in this regard before deciding on the product and the partner. This needs to be budgeted as part of the total cost of ownership and not ignored as part of the evaluation in order to ensure the success of their implementation project.