Sage ERP X3 Sales enables you to monitor all information concerning customers or prospects, manage sales force assignment, and monitor corresponding targets and commissions. This module provides a quick look at information concerning products, price lists, discounts, or carriers, among others. You can issue customer quotations, book orders and transmit order acknowledgements, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing
Order Entry
  • User-defined order types for varying prompts, displays, and event sequencing
  • Special orders for loans, transfers, and consignments
  • Add new customers online during order entry
  • Order products by customer product number and default customer-specific information on order line
  • Order substitutes and products that supersede obsolete products
  • Vary ship-tos, shipping sites, carriers, and delivery dates by order line
  • Order kits with variants and options
  • Check minimum gross margin and low price thresholds, and block or accept further entry according to rules
  • Sales order revision controlwith ability to replicate one change across multiple line items
  • Automatically close unfilled orders and lines within predefined tolerance
  • Automatic inter company transaction management

  • Vary contract terms, validity dates, and prices by line
  • Schedule releases over user-defined firm and planning time horizons
Automatically Generate Purchase Orders
  • Non-stock purchases
  • Automatically order predefined minimum quantities from preferred supplier
  • Supports direct and cross-docked orders
  • Enter quotes for customers or prospects with full expiration date control
  • Produce hard copy quotations
  • Track probability of converting quotes into orders
  • Easily convert quotes into sales orders
Sales Documents
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Sales quotes
  • Contracts
  • Packing slips
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Produced automatically or by user request
  • Define invoicing rules according to customer preference—one per order, shipment, bill of lading, or period
  • Consolidate invoices based on customer-preferred frequencies— daily, weekly, monthly, and more
  • Supports counter sale environments
  • Issue and track prepayment requests and payments
  • Multiple payment terms and methods, including scheduled due dates per invoice and recurring invoicing
  • Automatically use alternate payment terms if amount is less than predefined minimum
  • Pro forma invoicing
Supporting Inquiries
  • Inquire during or outside of entry functions
  • Last prices and price reasons
  • Customer account information
  • Current and projected stock levels by site or all sites
  • Zoom to detailed information—locations, lots, serial numbers, and more
Reminders/Dunning Letters
  • Supports multiple successive levels of reminderaccording to severity of past due condition
  • Block account activity based on user-defined criteria
  • Automatic pricingby line item according to pricing rules with ability to edit
  • Maintains gross and net price on order line with option to view price reasons and last prices
  • Automatically factor discounts and charges into net price or break out separately
  • Adds free products or quantities if predefined thresholds are met
  • Recalculates prices for groups of related products if predefined threshold is met
  • Calculates differential between kit components selected during order entry
Inventory Allocations
  • Allocate manually during order entry or separately using a batch process with options
  • Allocate by site, lot, or consignment location
  • Reserve inventory for customers (preorder)
  • De allocate inventory
  • Allocate by customer shipping route and priority
  • Automatically allocate back orders upon receipt
Customer Delivery Scheduling
  • Default shipping sites by ship-to delivery address
  • Maintain shipping lead times between sites and ship-to addresses
  • Calculate shipping date for meeting requested delivery date based on lead time
  • Maintain customer availability days and dates and round delivery date to next work day
  • Multiple fulfillment methods—from stock, vendor direct, buy-in, transfer order
Shipping Confirmation
  • Produce picking tickets and packing slips
  • Record serial numbers for end-user tracking
  • Combine multiple orders on a single shipment
  • Automaticor manual shipping confirmation
  • Interfaces available for UPS and FedEx
Sales Commissions
  • Multiple sales reps per order line
  • Commission calculations based on user-defined formulas
Customer Returns
  • Link return to original shipment
  • Track return, expected return, and expiration dates
  • Automatically or manually assign RMA numbers
  • Track return reasons by line item
  • Process returns for loans
  • Produce credit memos
Credit Checking
  • Online credit checking with ability to hold customers that fail credit check
  • Bypass credit checking for specified customers
  • Customer credit inquiries
Reporting and Statistical Analysis
  • Standard reports or user-defined reporting using Crystal Reports®
  • User-defined formulas for calculating ABC rankings for customers and products
  • Standard tools for business intelligence and user-defined inquiries
Sales Tax Calculations
  • Supports North American and VAT taxing
  • Option to calculate prices with or without taxes
  • Integration with third-party vendor for complex tax environments