Sage ERP X3 Inventoryensures optimum coherence and realtime monitoring of inventory status data. Inventory control is fully user-definable on each site with the application of the multisite, multiwarehouseand multilocation management. The module also incorporates some powerful quality control functions, also providing for total traceability of inventory quantities in real time, both upstream and downstream, by material flow management 

Product Categories

  • Manufactured
  • Purchased
  • Subcontracted
  • Phantom
  • Internal (supplies and capital equipment)
  • Services
  • Nonstocked

Descriptive Product Information


User-defi ned numbers, descriptions, and notes Embedding of Microsoft® Office documents (Word, Excel®)
Attached images and documents (such as MSDS) Supporting information for sales and purchasing (warranty periods, nonstocks, and substitutes and supersessions) Vendor and customer part number cross reference Life cycle validity dates Multilingual translations.

Location Management


Flexible location numbering formats Dedicated, random, and dynamic storage types Suggested put away and picking location assignments Dedicated to single or multiple items/location Immediate, delayed, or blocked access Consigned inventory tracking at third-party sites Automatic bin location replenishment.

Stock Management


  • Track inventory by physical location
  • Lot numbers and sublots
  • Quality status and disposition (accepted, rejected, in QC)
  • Serial numbers
  • Expiration dates
  • Potency
  • Issue stock based on first-in or first-expired
  • International Units management
  • Forward and backward traceability
Inventory Costing Methods


  • Standard
  • Revised standard
  • Order cost
  • Average lot cost
  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Average unit cost
  • International Units management
  • Last cost
Inventory Balances


  • On-hand
  • Allocated
  • Reserved
  • QC
  • Available
  • On-order
  • Backordered
  • Transferred
  • In-transit
  • Available-to-promise
Quality Control


Flexible definition of questions and responses Tracks accepted, rejected, and expired stock Performed with or without lot control Receiving, storage, and preshipping inspections Historical transaction inquiries for traceability.

Multiple Units of Measure

  • Inventory units
  • Sales units, by product and customer product
  • Purchasing units, by product and supplier product
  • Packing units
  • Statistical units
  • Fixed or variable conversion factors
  • Define decimal quantities up to six digits
Stock Inquiries


  • Quantities by warehouse
  • Stock details by warehouse
  • Location contents
  • Expired and expiring stock
  • Projected stock quantities
  • Lots traceability
  • Serial numbers
  • Available-to-promise
  • Stock movements
  • Allocation details
  • Potency
  • Easy download to Excel
Physical Counting


  • Cycle, spot, annual, and zero stock counts
  • Option to include serial number validation
  • Select products based on ABC class
  • Enter, review, and validate physical counts
  • Maintain last count data by product/size
Inventory Replenishment


  • Calculates reorder points and EOQs
  • User-defined safety stock factors
  • Calculates periods of coverage and lot sizes
  • Use with or without MRP
  • Supports minimum/maximum
Bills of Material
  • Single or multilevel production and sales bills
  • Normal components, variants, and options
  • Alternate BOM for special customer requirements
  • Where-used inquiries
  • Copy feature for defining similar BOM structures
Inventory Movements and Transactions


  • Intersite (transfers between sites)
  • Intrasite (transfers between locations)
  • Picking location replenishment suggestions
  • Receiving putaway suggestions
  • Places locations with expired products on hold
  • User-defined allocation and issue rules
  • Complete traceability of all movements
  • User-defined inventory quantity adjustments
Statistics and Management Reports


  • Inventory accuracy based on count adjustments
  • Quality control (rejects, expired products, and others)
  • ABC rankings (simulated and actual)
  • Supports up to five user-defined statistical product groups(product line, price class, and more)
  • Last activity data by product/site