Our People

Meet Our Executive Team


    Team Triad

  • Shobha – Partner

    • MBA from IIM (Indian Institute of Management)
    • Lead CXO interactions for Enterprise software from Oracle, SAP and Sage in MEA markets
    • Thought leader and Key note speaker in ICAI and IIR
    • Track record in leading business growth for CMM level 5 companies in India and MEA.

    Moni – Partner

    • Chartered Accountant
    • 25 plus years in MEA markets – strategic planning, auditing, financial management, budgeting, ISO certification, Digital Transformation
    • Lead Delivery and domain consulting for Triad

The people make the difference

Triad consultants are headhunted for their experience and skill sets. They have the industry experience, backed by requisite educational background. They carry the right mix of customer facing skills and a driving commitment to quality. They are encouraged to spend time on internal training and keeping up-to-date. They contribute to forums and blogs and are problem solvers with keen listening skills. We have launched a continuous process improvement initiative where we listen to project challenges and take proactive steps.

We understand your business

We do not see your requirements as technology challenges but as a tool to enhance a business initiative and support growth and profitability objectives There are thousands of solutions available for a SME enterprise. What is important is to choose a solution that is lean enough for you to manage but comprehensive enough in providing the required checks and balances. A solution that allows you to automate a core set of processes with the minimum number of users and scale up over time. For a growing enterprise where there are no mature processes this solution has then got to be implemented by consultants who can advise you on what to do in transitioning from the old way of doing things to a new way using the implemented solution. We have consultants who understand the functional domain and the product set. We thus spend time at the beginning analysing your needs and establishing concentric scope circles which we can implement in the long term.

We care

We believe in delivering more than just business software, we forge relationships based on trust and caring that help you achieve great results far into the future. We want the solution to work for you. We have periodical visits planned by the management team AFTER you go live where we sit across the table and see how we can enhance your usage of the solution; we are not just implementers of the solution you buy. We can help you with your other key decisions – like networking, change management, recruitment – by pointing you in the right direction in order for the solution to be complete and the project to be successful. We come in as consultants and leave as trusted advisors. This is the principle behind our motto – Technology solutions with a business focus.