Sage ERP X3 Purchasingcovers the purchasing process from end to end, starting with management of requests for quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies, and integration into the price list base. This is followed by purchase requests, orders raised and delivery monitoring, subcontract orders, buyer workloads, and management of signature circuitsthrough to incoming goods reception and verification of invoices.
Purchased Product Categories

  • Raw materials
  • Products purchased for resale
  • Supplies and capital equipment
  • Services and recurring items (for example, maintenance)
  • Nonstocks
  • Subcontracted products

Purchasing Modes


  • Centralized and decentralized purchasing sites
  • Deliver to internal sites, consignment locations, and
  • Customers (direct shipments)
PO Creation Methods


  • Manually enter POs or duplicate a previous PO
  • Copy from purchase requests and vendor quotes
  • Automatically generate POs from sales orders and buyer work plans
Purchase Requests


  • Enter manually or generate automatically from replenishment requirements
  • Precommit amounts against budgeted expenditures (encumbrance accounting)
  • Optional multilevel approval cycle
Requests for Proposal


  • Enter manually or copy from purchase requests
  • Issue RFQs to any number of vendors
  • Send follow-up reminders to vendor
  • Record vendor quotes, terms, and conditions
  • Automatically generate pricing records
Purchase Order Entry


  • User-defined order types for varying prompts, displays, and event sequencing
  • Vary receiving sites and delivery dates by line item
  • Access previous purchase prices during entry
  • Enter and default product information by supplier product
  • Track product group price thresholds for obtaining free freight
  • Issue purchase orders—hard copy or electronic
  • Order status inquiries by PO, supplier, and product
  • PO revision control with ability to replicate one change across multiple line items


  • Vary terms, validity dates, and prices by line item
  • Schedule releases over user-defined firm and planning time horizons
Encumbrance Accounting


  • Checks budget allowances at time of request and purchase
  • Precommits at time of request; commits at time of PO, in fiscal period of order date or due date
  • Signature process for approving budget overruns
Signature Management


  • Multilevel approval process:
  • Purchase requests
  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts


  • Controlled by signature management specifically for PO processing
  • Available globally based on any significant event trigger
  • Receive by supplier, PO number, or product
  • Assign put away locations
  • Record lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Inspect QC products and calculate expiration dates
  • Receive full or partial quantities and products not on PO; option to disallow over receipts
  • Record rejected and disputed receipts
Supplier Invoice Entry


  • Vary entry based on user-defined parameters and by invoice type— normal, memo, third-party
  • Load lines from original PO or receipt
  • Match invoice to PO and receipt information
Supplier Returns
  • Enter manually or copy from PO or receipt
  • Track return reasons and lot numbers
  • Option to cancel order or reinstate on same PO line, new PO line, or new PO Inventory