Food and Beverage

Organizations engaged in importing and distribution of food ingredients, packaged consumer food products and bulk commodities have their own challenges in managing product expiry dates, quality control regulations. Triad helps you in implementing the right mix.
Triad makes your Food Distribution and Manufacturing business better, faster and stronger – so you can improve your management controls, cash flow and profitability. As a Food Distributor you have the same requirements as other distributors, but you have a heavy emphasis on Lot Traceability in order to report to various regulatory agencies and Expiry Date management. Country of Origin is important to you as well, especially if you are importing products. Many of the products distributed may be perishable, so you have especially critical timelines as your inventory can become worthless in a very short time. So how do you ensure the stock pattern you carry is optimal – allowing you to avoid stock outs and at the same time ensuring effective use of your working capital.
Industry Challenges

Typical challenges for Food and Beverage Industry

  • Quality assurance
  • Forward & backward traceability for ingredients and end-items / Recall protection
  • Multiple packaging units per product
  • Shelf-life management
  • Landed Cost calculation
  • Lot costing for special consignments so the weighted average costs do not skew
  • Tracking key cost drivers like shipping costs
  • Labeling and Nutritional Value
  • Strong order fulfillment
  • Security and Audit Trails
  • In addition as a manufacturer you would be interested in
  • Batch/continuous flow processing
  • Product costing
  • Powerful formula & recipe management engine
  • Allergen designation
  • Co Product and Bi Product management

Triad helps you in implementing the right mix of solutions offered by Sage and its partner products community.

Sage Solution combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionality with application features that address the unique and specialized needs of your business. Provides you with optimal fit of Sage ERP & CRM solutions to manage your business.

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Ensure Compliance and Improve Quality:

Manage quality processes from receiving to shipping. Maintain regulatory compliance. Gain the confidence to recall products quickly with complete forward and backward traceability.

Reduce Manufacturing, Distribution, and Shipping Costs:

Improve planning, production, and inventory management costs. Reduce waste with better visibility into your operations. Improve efficiency across food and beverage-specific processes, including procurement planning, batch and continuous flow processing, formula and recipe management, allergen designation, shelf-life management, labeling, and more.

Make the Best Decisions Possible:

Benefit from real-time reports, analytics, and business monitoring so you can act decisively.