TRIAD Talks Series – Lease with Ease


This is an exclusive event by CXOs for Real Estate Agents / Brokers managing the leasing of residential and commercial units.
Attendance by invitation only and it’s FREE!

Why Should You Attend?

Many of the mid-market solutions currently available are locally developed software packages. TLease provides you with a unique combination of a localized solution on a global CRM product – so product support is assured and you enjoy all the standard features of a CRM solution out of the box.

As the solution is based on web technology from a global software vendor such as Sage you are assured of an agile system that can be accessed by your agents across geographies

This system can be implemented on your premises or on a server on the cloud which is dedicated to you – so you own the data and confidentiality is assured. On-going costs are also much lower than a cloud option.

How does TLease help Real Estate Agents and Brokers?

TLease is a comprehensive web based Lease management solution for Real Estate companies. TLease allows your team to calculate, track and report payments and receivables and produce occupancy reports.

It maintains inventory of properties and units and covers various business processes such as enquiry management with reservation, new lease creation, lease renewal, vacate process, collection management including postdated cheque inventory management. We can also offer you the option of integrating with a backend ERP accounting management system.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dashboard showing Key Performance Indices – take timely action
  • Maintain high occupancy by managing rental enquiries to ensure timely action
  • Register Tenant details and occupant details to ensure effective communication
  • Manage Rental negotiations with approval workflow for quick responses to clients
  • Integrated customer care module for maintenance requests – recognize your tenants when they call you and manage service levels
  • Postdated Cheque Management in TLease – produce accurate customer statement of account
  • Sage E-Marketing – Bulk email marketing and newsletters to mine existing relationship

For your Managers

  • View and manage all data from your agents and staff from all office locations -prospects, inventory of units, contracts, transactions, documents, clients, commissions and collections with related MIS reports

For Your Agents

  • Manage appointments, prospects, availability, buyers, reservations, contacts, documents, cheque management, marketing campaigns and related reports.

For your Staff

  • Staff can support the entire office, help your office run smoothly, process inquiries quickly including those from past clients, help with listings, transactions, set appointment, manage documents, contracts, renewals and reports.

Who Should Attend?

CXOs, Real Estate Agents, Leasing Managers, Property Managers, Building Managers, Corporate Real Estate Professionals etc.,.

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