Trace Your Product with Ease: An Overview of Traceability in Sage X3

In Sage X3, we can set a product that is lot managed to be traced in detail, summary or no traceability. In Common data, Products, Products, Management tab, under the Stock parameters, three options exist for Traceability: No traceability; Detailed traceability and Summary traceability.

If the product is set to Summary traceability, one occurrence of the combination product, lot, sublot, site, status, document type, and number as well as document line of the traced product will be kept in the traceability STOTRK table. This means less records will be found in the STOTRK table when the product is set to summary traceability. On the other hand, when the product traceability it set to Detailed, each movement will write to the STOTRK table and several records will exist for the same transaction.

The results of the traceability can be viewed using the traceability inquiry CONSSTK (Stock, Inquiries, Movements). This function is used to view the trace of a specific lot in two different ways:

Forward: the flow that led to the delivery or manufacturing of the lot

Backward: the split of the lot into other lots with all events linked to this lot such as purchase receipt, work orders, delivery, etc.

In the Traceability inquiry, entering the product code is mandatory and if no Lot or sublot is entered, it is necessary to select an entry type or a BP. Once the results are displayed, you can click the Detail link to display the log file details.

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