What is Payroll? Everything you need to know

Any business that has more than just a few employees should have a payroll management system. It is regarded as one of the most important aspects of employee administration and helps establish a good rapport between the employees and the employer. Moreover, paying the workers regularly without deferrals not only bring noble ethics rather reflects the company’s financial stability.

In long term, it is often noted that keeping employees satisfied and offering non-delayed payment is linked to lower employee turnover ratio. After all, they are all looking for stable monthly pay-cheques, right?

Before getting deeper into payroll management, let us understand what is payroll system?

What is Payroll System – Definition and Explanation

Payroll basically enlists every employee in an organization, their agreed remuneration, conditions of bonus and other incentives, calculation of the proportion of PFs and other legally mandated funds and taxes etc.

Payroll management is both a simple and daunting monthly process of calculating, deducting and detailing monthly employee processes. Although payroll calculation is a pretty straightforward process, it eats up a lot of time. Since it involves the employee tax and national insurance contributions and other fund maintenances, it can consume a humongous amount of time and efforts. Maintaining various different forms, issuing pay slips and several other factors were too very time-consuming. Often there might be resultant delays in salary release, leading to employee dissatisfaction.

This is where payroll management software came to rescue. The payroll management services like Sage 300 ERP offers a streamlined approach for payroll management for every business. With the help of these services, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort. Also, get some peace of mind.

No more paperwork to keep track of your payroll legislation. They handle the remuneration data capture, payroll processing, production, and remittances all the way up to fielding employee queries and producing reports. No lengthy manual calculations, no mistakes, no challenges and no delays.

Sage 300, which is in the payroll industry for more than a decade helped small business stay focused on what matters them the most. If your team have any queries, our squad is always available to provide well-timed support. Using Sage 300 ERP can make your payroll headaches a thing of the past.

But Why Payroll System is Important for a Company and What is Payroll Accounting?

Employees or human resources are the most integral parts and assets of an organization. Keeping them satisfied goes a long way.

That’s why payroll management is an integral part of all organizations. It is not only accountable for employee payments and benefits but also maintains the reputation of the company. It enables easy management. In addition, you will be saving the money you will have to otherwise pay the experts to manage monthly payrolls manually. Clearly, efficient payroll management helps the company to pay its employees with the least headache.

Since all the salary details, benefits, bonus and other criteria are integrated into the Payroll management system, all you’ll have to do it pass the cheques. When the employee is made eligible for additional benefits like health insurance, retirement benefits, it creates a higher worth.

Reasons Why you need Payroll Management Solutions

Many companies are moving towards modern payroll systems that comes as a part of ERP software for their organization. Perhaps, endless hours of paper pushing, file checking and filling forms in association with other outstanding expenses are more than the required reasons for the companies to move towards payroll accounting. Moreover, having to have a payroll management system is even being required for legal compliance.

Nevertheless, the benefits of using payroll go far beyond than the simple cost-reduction and efficiency aspects. The following are factors to contemplate why having a payroll system is important for your business

Reduce Operational Costs– Every business wants to advance its operation. Yet no business is willing to invest considerable time and money to arrive at a solution. In the current digital era, the business can get a solution at an easier rate with fewer resources that guarantees increasing productivity with greater profits. Perhaps, a wonderful tool for businesses which are looking to reduce their operational costs

Saving your time – According to a business report, it is evident that companies spend enormous time on payroll every month. For example, when your business spends on an average of 5 hours every month on the payroll, it is approximately seven days in a year that the company is losing the workday. For every business, time is a crucial factor. Losing time means they are losing revenues.

Customization of your business – When you accrue more time and energy of sorting out the complex payroll system, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a great place to reduce costs. This is one of the major reasons why most small business owners opt to pay for a payroll service. Most payroll software is very flexible and has the potential to take care of your business needs with complete proficiency.

Employee Details are more secure – The security standards of payroll software are predominantly significant. Employee records and information are secured with tight security controls because administrative codes are not provided to every employee rather only the administrative staffs have control over it. When you use the payroll software, it adds an extra layer of security because it has been designed in the most sensitive way.

Benefits of using Payroll Accounting to your Business

Payroll is very sensitive for every business organization. A good computerized payroll like Sage 400 ERP will indeed help you to carry out your payroll accounting with greater speed, efficiency, and precision.

1. Ease of Use- Payroll management can be easily configured with multiple features, options, business rules and policies that meet your business requirement. So, it becomes super easy to create quarterly, half-yearly and annual payments. Just with a click of the button everything is processed instantly saving a lot of time and money. Perhaps, an efficient tool that has great potential to save money.

2. Multiple report generation – Since Sage 400 ERP is online software that works on a cloud-based platform, it enables you to create a wealth of reports like reconciliation report, PT report, MIS and few others quite efficiently. In addition, it allows you to do an in-depth analysis of reports across departments.

3. Managing Employee calendar – Many payroll management software comes with advanced features like maintaining employee calendar. This makes it easier to keep track of the sick leave, absence, and overtime without doing it manually.


Manual payroll tasks often lead to boredom and subsequently results in human errors. Apparently, moving forwards with online payroll management solutions will potentially enhance the bottom line of the business.

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