Benefits of Sage 300 People: the Ultimate Human Resource Management Software

From the human resource management perspective, the growth of business simply translates as growth in the number of employees, more complex work hierarchy, and a lot of salaries/ bonuses/ funds/ incentives/reductions/profiles to keep track of. Very obviously, it isn’t something you can pull out manually, at least not with the level of effectiveness needed to survive in today’s market with accounting and payroll software in dubai. And, if you do take on the challenge of managing it all with a few accountants or HRM people, well, have a good time making corrections, hearing arguments, managing profiles and burying yourself in a pile of paperwork.

(We’d suggest not to)

So, this is the kind of scenario where you (as well as your growing business) need an ultimate accounting and payroll software in dubai such as Sage 300 people and Sage 300 erp . Without a tool to efficiently automate human resource management and related processes, you will be spending an unnecessary lot of time managing the human resource processes. Usually, the salary calculations and reductions themselves take up a good lot of time for managers. Plus there will be a good chance of errors in the work done.

Talk about the auditing time- it will be a nightmare. Digging into all those paper works and organizing all that data can be a really, really daunting task. On the other hand, when you have a tool like Sage 300 people through which you have all that data properly organized, you won’t have the slightest problem in managing all that work. On top of all the time you save, you will be saving tonnes of paper-works time invested over trifle works.

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Sage 300 ERP Module for Human Resource and Payroll Management

Today, with competition so strong and resources scarce, efficiency becomes so important for any business. And as of now, efficiency comes through automating the processes- mostly (and obviously) with the help of machines and technology. Human resources management related activities eat up considerable time and resources of yours.

Sage HR and payroll management module, Sage 300 people, facilitates saving much of the valuable time spent dealing with the basic, routine human resource management activities. In addition to considerably lowering resources spent on carrying out basic HR management processes, this Sage product also eliminates the chances of human errors otherwise possible in recording or calculation. Sage 300 People ultimately helps you align your HR best with your business’ objectives- cost reduction, time-saving, as well as improvement of efficiency in the organization.

Most Efficient tool for Large Scale Companies at a Lower Cost

At Sage, the developers have worked on for years developing an innovative solution to manage complex human resource management related tasks involved in a big, modern-day organization. We have conducted extensive research before Sage 300 People’s development actually took place. It suggested that firms on a large scale were mostly looking for a detail-oriented tool that won’t cost them as much as that custom-build software. This is exactly accounting and payroll software’s required and Sage 300 people and Sage 300 erp were made for- ‘the detail-oriented, cost-effective tool at the price of a normal Payroll module, that can effectively deal with complex tasks.

Word-Class Design and Features Unlimited Employees/ Hierarchy Level Configurations

The Sage 300 People tool has no limit as to the number of employees that can be enlisted and managed with it. Neither is there any limit on the number of levels of the employee hierarchy? You can set diverse payment configurations to different levels and different categories and can list any number of people each. Sage 300 People would enable you to set different variables such as incentives, reductions, leave policies, taxes, fund/saving provisions, etc in your accounting and payroll software. Also, you can customize and pay period and various other related factors that would help you sort and carry out all those complex HRM tasks smoothly and effortlessly.

Companies operating in the global market would have multiple offices and branches. With Sage 300 People, you will be able to merge details of all those companies into a database. with accounting and payroll software from Sage you can create any number of companies and can customize and control payment and other variables for each company from one place.

Easy to Implement

accounting and payroll software from Sage would hardly take half of the time of what other business support tools of this caliber would take. Its smart design would more or less work as a complement to your currently implemented resource management tool.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Handle UI

The user interface of Sage 300 People payroll management system is built especially keeping in mind the ‘ease of use’ factor. The interface, as you will see, will appear familiar and easy to understand. With basic introductory training, anyone will be able to feed data, get information, and derive reports from the system. Sage 300 People would moreover let you customize, rearrange, and use various segments of the tool that is convenient to you. You can save reports and information and export them in PDF, spread-sheet (Excel), document (Word), and several other formats.

As for use, there are features allowing the creation of similar accounts and variables for people in a group or level to reduce the workload with accounting and payroll software. Thus, you can manage employee accounts individually as well as on a group basis.

Secure, Reliable, and Stable Platform for accounting and payroll software 

Sage 300 people and other Sage ERP modules are accounting and payroll software in dubai built and run on the MS SQL server as a. The security of the tool has been given a particular priority while designing Sage software. You will never have to worry about any kind of threat to your company’s data while it’s on Sage’s accounting and payroll software. The platform offers the administrators diverse means to control who has access to the company’s data and the extent to which they can access it. Various password policies, navigation level security, etc. tighten the security of the system.

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