To cloud or not to cloud

A common question I get when I meet with companies deciding on a CRM solution is “Should I choose CRM on the cloud or an onpremise option? ” According to me avoid the Cloud if

1) you need integration to telephony equipment (Call centres)

2) you need to do bulk emailing (more than say 100 emails in one go) which requires a link to SWIFTPAGE or some other email gateway

3) you need advanced scripting to convert incoming mails to leads etc.

Many choose the cloud because they do not have internal resources or administrator to manage the server inhouse – but I feel this can be easily addressed with a managed service option that is outsourced with a service provider. This has worked very well for some of our customers.

The one thing I really like with Sage CRM is they have BOTH options – so you can start on the cloud and move your data to on-premise and the users wont know the difference!! Isnt that wonderful?  A quick summary of some interesting features is given here.

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