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  • Enterprise vs Best of Breed dilemma for Group companies

    The typical Group company in the Middle East has a few flagship companies that require enterprise solutions and a few midsized entities who do not have the processs maturity for implementing an enterprise solutions. Another dilemma is when one entity in the group needs to be spun off to an investor. If they have implemented […]

  • To cloud or not to cloud

    A common question I get when I meet with companies deciding on a CRM solution is “Should I choose CRM on the cloud or an onpremise option? ” According to me avoid the Cloud if 1) you need integration to telephony equipment (Call centres) 2) you need to do bulk emailing (more than say 100 […]

  • Automate enquiry management

    Wouldn’t it be great if we can grab & track every enquiry that comes our way… Lets use technology to automate our grunge work. If we can grab every enquiry without doing repetitive data entry, move them quickly thru the system so it gets assigned to the right person and escalate the ones that dont […]

  • Dear Santa – Ps help me meet my sales target

    It is a fact that anything that is measured only gets better. This is true for everything – reducing weight, managing your budgets for Christmas presents or recording your sales.  Ask Santa for a CRM solution this year if you want to see your sales gallop!! With CRM you could record in a central location who […]