Purchase Automation in Sage 300 ERP with AccTech BPM

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Sage 300 ERP Solution Providers in uae recommends BPM Sage 300 erp to centralize all financial processes and reduce processing costs. BPM can work with Sage erp software and other external systems. Business processes can also be defined across all core Sage modules including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Sales, and Procurement. These automated and managed processes improve productivity and efficiency by routing transactions, tasks, and activities, from person to person involved in the process. It is an automation tool to streamline business and financial activities, keep track of documents and processes wherever you are. Business Process Management (BPM) is an internationally acclaimed process automation tool that improves enterprise performance and efficiencies, by driving operational excellence and business agility. Financial processes require monitoring, automation, and auditability, and individuals interacting with these need insight for decision making. BPM provides these abilities using state of the art technology and mobile applications.

AccTech’s BPM for Sage 300 erp provides the following;

  • The full procure-to-pay capability of stock and non-stock items; assets, whether expensed or used in a project,
  • The capability to create new vendors, reconcile their accounts and authorize their payments,
  • The ability to register recurring billing time-based contracts,
  • Transparency and visibility of budget status including commitments when initiating and approving transactions,
  • The capability to easily create inventory requisitions, have them approved, and then issued from stores.

Highlighted Features of AccTech BPM;

  • Runs in a browser-independent and mobile platform-independent environments.
  • It can use a combination of multiple organizational charts and user-defined rules to design specific workflows.
  • Field level security limits the selection lists available to users dramatically improving the accuracy of captured data.
  • Flexible form layouts that ensure only relevant fields are displayed on capture screens.
  • Management, storage, and retrieval of documents involved in transactions.
  • Full audit capabilities at a Microsoft SQL® database level.
  • Automate data entry using Optical Character Recognition scanning (OCR) technology reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity

Enable rapid business transformation of intelligent operation;

  • Rapid deployment – Over 30 Predefined and configured business processes.
  • Integrated – BPM is fully integrated and certified with various Sage products.
  • Auditable – Full audit trail on a transactions
  • Mobility – BPM has the ability to approve and even create transactions from a mobile device available for download from all major app stores.

AccTech BPM – Advanced Business Process Management solutions for Sage 300 ERP Solution Providers in dubai;

Create triggers based on events within Sage 300 erp and replenish stock. Requisition process based on defined business rules. Review budgets, actuals, and commitments against the account/cost center. Support for commitment accounting with Sage 300 ERP Solution Providers in dubai.


Organizations are increasingly focusing on improving efficiency and productivity. Technology and systems are being used to improve the automation of processes to achieve gains in productivity and efficiency. Many organizations have deployed multiple and disparate systems that often lack the functionality to improve productivity. Sage 300 ERP Solution Providers in uae offer AccTech BPM solutions as an intuitive role-based software process tool that easily manages business processes within the organization. These automated and managed processes improve productivity and efficiency by routing transactions, tasks, and activities, from person to person involved in the process.

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