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Introduction :

When it comes to financial management, not all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are created equal. Sage ERP X3 software for complex finance has been assembled from the ground up with multi-company and inter-company accounting in mind. Rest assured you’ll have complete oversight of your different business streams, accounts and reporting requirements with a sophisticated comprehensive ERP. Sage ERP X3 was created to handle:

  • Multi-national functionality (legal and fiscal / language set)
  • Multi-company financials
  • Consolidation reporting
  • Inter-company transactions
  • Cost center reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed asset management

From a single database and a single login CFOs and Finance Managers can precisely measure and manage customers, stock, suppliers and transactions across all group companies.

Sage Enterprise Management -Finance

Sage Enterprise Management associate regionalized and global company management.

Accuracies relating to different legislations are clear at an economic company level: pre-defined regulatory reports, user meaning of bank files, management of financial and excise taxes and related returns

(hardcopy or magnetic format according to legislation); fixed asset accounting; closing of financial periods in successive stages or simplified form; and more.

Local necessities are accordingly addressed within a single solution regardless of occupied language or country.

Sage ERP X3 delivers multi-currency support functions that track the capability to calculate transaction amounts, yield reports, and repeat values in various currencies. Superior dispensation permits applicable European currencies to be knotted to the Euro to simplify exchange rate conservation. Amounts can be articulated in the currency of the company, the business partner, or a user-defined reporting currency. Sage Enterprise keeps all currencies and exchange rates on one platform and provides immediate conversion to alternative principles on-demand within any business operation.  Invoices and payments can be acknowledged and delivered in fluctuating currencies. Sage ERP X3 provides a full accounting of exchange rate variances and routinely posts them to the suitable general ledger (GL) gain or loss accounts.

Sage ERP X3 Finance involves three key functional domains:  General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, and Fixed Assets. 

Sage ERP X3 Financial Features for Group companies;

  • Single sign-on crossways companies
  • Shared services for Procurement with Signature management, Limits of Authority and workflow approvals
  • Full support for commitment and pre-commitment accounting
  • A single journal entry can connect multiple companies – contra entries get passed by the system making expense allocations and inter-company entries fast and easy
  • Automatic journal in simulation mode
  • Budgets can be defined at the GL level for income and expense heads as well as for dimensions – quantity and value

Conclusion :

Sage ERP X3 holds financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. In addition, it effortlessly switches transfers from regional to global and between companies and control center.

Key capabilities include

  • General ledger with numerous charts of accounts
  • Accounts payable accounts receivable
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cost and analytical accounting
  • Expenditures
  • Budgets and commitments
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