Take control of your business expenses with eRequester expense management solution

Do you need a simpler way to track and report on business expenses? Are you struggling to keep up with the data entry necessary to enter your expenses into your company’s ERP system?

The eRequester Expense Management module is an effective and one stop expense management solution

eRequester‘s expense management software solution that helps users to track all company expenses. At the start, users can set up business rules for approval routing, budget checking and expenditure oversight. As expense requests are made, the program stores them, can drill down into each one for details and attaches related documents to them. If an expenditure is fully approved, the system can process it and send out money to the employee. Lastly, eRequester stores a full audit trail for each expense and can enforce compliance with expense whitelists.

eRequester offers the ability to:

  • Define business rules to automatically assign accounting codes to transactions
  • Drill down into multiple levels of transaction detail
  • Automatically route expenses online for approval
  • Easily set up and schedule essential exports
  • Attach expense documentation and receipts at the request level

eRequester supports many different expense types:

  • Purchase Autorisation Requests
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement Authorisation Requests
  • Sub types optimised for tracking Airfares, Hotels, Meals and Entertainment, Mileage
  • Customisable Per Diem rates
  • Integrated Mileage Log Entries and Rates

Contact us today to learn how you can begin simplifying your expense management.

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