Datalinx Warehouse Manager with Sage X3 ERP

Sage ERP Consultants Dubai provides Datalinx Warehouse Manager (WMS) for Sage X3 provides the Sage user with cost-effective solutions that are designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality that today’s businesses require. The application is written for and embedded within Sage X3 erp, ensuring a business is not compromised since control remains within Sage X3. Sage ERP Consultants Dubai recommends the combination of Sage X3 erp and Datalinx Warehouse Manager (WMS) provides a seamless solution with in-depth reporting for greater control and business accountability and the ability to run the warehouse within Sage X3 erp and extends the functionality to do all activities. It helps in reducing errors on incoming orders through more accurate stock levels and reducing picking errors. 

Increase stock location accuracy and speed of picking

Receiving products into a warehouse against purchase orders is part of the routine of all warehouses. Utilizing the user-friendly handheld terminal not only is the stock fled instantly updated with quantities, but the location across multiple bins is also recorded. Warehouse Manager handheld barcode scanners can be used to rapidly capture batch and serial numbers for those companies with varying levels of requirement for traceability.

Combining Sage X3 erp and Datalinx Warehouse Manager delivers a solution that minimizes errors, and quantifiable measures the increased throughput of the individual pickers.

Carried out by multiple operators, the handheld devices guide users to the relevant locations and request details of the product being counted, together with the actual item count. Sage ERP Consultants Dubai has information that is compared and checked in real-time against the expected figures within Sage X3 erp.

The Receipt Process

Sage ERP Consultants Dubai offers Datalinx programs that allow for the receiving of the product via the handheld by scanning codes on the products or by selecting the lines from a purchase order and produce the relevant transactions, create Licence Plates (pallet numbers), and enable labels to be printed, ready to be attached to the product being received into stock. This seamless linking of Datalinx Warehouse Manager and Sage X3 erp removes the need to book products in twice and also removes the possibility of decoupling operations occurring when the product is booked into the “business system” and additionally into the “warehouse system.

Sage ERP Consultants Dubai allows Sage X3 erp and Datalinx Warehouse Manager for receipt of the product to be recorded. At the same time as completing the receipt, the application checks and validates to ensure that the product code exists and if relevant captures additional information such as serial and batch numbers together with date-related details such as best before or use by dates.

Miscellaneous Receipts

Miscellaneous Receipts” is the business process that is used to carry out the receipt of products into the warehouse without a corresponding transaction such as a purchase order or works order to receive the product against. It is typically used to transfer inventory between companies within the same group or between inventory locations within the same company

Location Transfers

Using the “Transfers” option on the handheld is a simple action. The handheld terminal is used to capture the product code/tracking ID and if appropriate, the quantity.

Inter-site Transfers

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 system enables the product to be tracked and controlled as it is transferred from one location (as is defined within Sage X3 erp) to another.

Purchase Order Receipts

Purchase orders previously raised within Sage X3 erp for raw materials (for manufacturing) or products (for distribution) can be received as well with the Datalinx Warehouse Manager. At the point of receipt and using the wireless handheld scanners, the warehouse operative has a number of options to identify the specific purchase order to record the receipt against; from keying or scanning the purchase order number when advised on the documentation, to searching the purchase order file against various criteria to find the correct reference. Sage ERP Consultants Dubai has to identify the purchase order and product, not only will the quantity be recorded but if required the operator will be prompted for serial and batch references.

 Picking and Packing 

  • Sales Order Picking

The details of the pick ticket will be available for display on the handheld scanner within the warehouse. These units will guide the operative to the appropriate bin advising the quantity and product to pick. Once correctly completed on the handheld Sage X3 erp is updated as the action occurs in real-time.

  • Pick to Carton

Pick to Carton increases the speed at which orders can be dispatched by minimizing double handling and scanning of products. The product is picked from the relevant location and placed directly into the container or box that it will be shipped in.

  • Zones

The advantage of zones is that it allows an “overlay” of the locations within a warehouse which can group specific processes together. By utilizing Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3, it is possible at a warehouse level to apply zone handling without affecting the standard Sage X3 erp pick list creation.

  • Consolidated Picking

Utilizing and liberating the power of Sage X3 erp, Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 provides the user with the ability to consolidate a number of orders to be picked at the same time, be this Global or Detail Allocated orders.

The user is directed to pick multiple orders in a single walk around the warehouse being guided by the handheld terminal through the process confirming each of the picks as they are completed.

  • Pack and Dispatch Bench

The pack bench functionality provides the warehouse with a number of functions. It can be used to confirm the correct products are being packed, or where consolidated picking has been used, it will guide the packers to identify the correct product and quantity per order. At the same time updating Sage X3 erp with the current order status.

  • Miscellaneous Issues

Miscellaneous Issues allows for controls to be put in place whereby a product is issued without the need to set up other transactions in Sage X3 erp for providing a quick and efficient recording of the stock issue.

  • Works Order Pick

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 application’s core integration with Sage X3 erp ensures that the operator’s handheld device displays the details of the Bill of Materials for a given Works Order and will guide the user to pick the correct materials as required for the manufacturing process.

Stock Management 

  • Replenishment Planning

Within Sage X3 erp there are replenishment planning capabilities. Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 delivers an immediately actionable replenishment process whereby a warehouse operative is able to walk an area of the warehouse and where locations are low in stock, they can scan the location and will be advised where additional free stock is available in the warehouse, which they can then transfer to replenish the rack or bin.

  • Serial Number Allocations

Using Warehouse Manager the picker has the option to efficiently pick a pallet from the front of the rack rather than losing time moving product to select a pallet from the back of the rack. Similarly, if a picklist calls for a component which is serial number tracked, the approach of using global allocated orders is applied. The picker is not directed to search for a system selected serial number, but at the time of picking the product they are asked to confirm by scanning, the serial number of the product they have selected. This approach provides flexibility in the way that orders are picked and controlled by utilizing the “Detail” and “Global” allocated orders at an order line level.

  • Works Order Receipts – Finished Goods

Datalinx Warehouse Manager provides the ability to receipt and process the finished item into finished goods inventory within Sage X3 erp.

  • Product Status Change

Datalinx Warehouse Manager will allow the user, via the wirelessly connected handheld scanners to change the status of a batch, pallet, or stillage of product.

  • Stock Count

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager allows a stock take to be carried out by multiple operators. The handheld devices guide the operators to the relevant locations and request details of the product and quantity found, and where required batch and serial number details.


Sage ERP Consultants Dubai suggest that Datalinx has been providing Sage users with warehouse solutions and analyzed the functionality within the core Sage X3 package against the values and requirements of the Sage X3 erp user. This enabled us to deliver a system that meets users’ needs, warehouse centric, and fully Sage X3 erp compliant. The result of this is a warehouse management system integrated into the business processes of Sage X3 erp. Warehouse Manager allows the operatives in the warehouse to be wirelessly connected to the central system utilizing the latest wireless hardware and dedicated Warehouse Manager screens designed by people who understand warehousing to enable efficiency and cost reduction. Sage ERP Consultants Dubai offers a combination of Sage X3 erp and Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 delivers a solution that will ensure high efficiencies and accuracies of picking and dispatching products with the associated reductions in costs. Pick Tickets and Lists are created and authorized within Sage X3 erp using the standard system functionality.

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